Upplev Öl is a project aimed at educating people about beer and brewing.

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Hembryggnings Kurser

Beginner and Advanced Courses

Homebrewing for Beginners

Start brewing with the right skills and brew great beer from batch #1.

Raw Materials & Wort Production

From the field to the cook pot, an deeper look at the ingredients in beer.

Flavor & Freshness

A course on the importance of quality control in the homebrewery.

Yeast & Fermentation

An advanced course focused on the importance of yeast and fermentation.

Upplev Bryggerier
i Göteborg.

Join us on a tour of Göteborgs best microbreweries! Meet the brewers, see the facilities, have a taste, ask questions and take it all in. There is no better way to experience beer than at the actual place it is made with the people most passionate about it.

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Böcker från Upplev Öl

Coming Soon!

Öl Recepter

En lista av vår bästa öl recpeter!

Session Pale Ale

4,5% ABV - 35 IBU

A beautifully simple session ale with citrus forward hop character.

California Common

4,5% ABV - 25 IBU

Strongly influenced by Anchor Stem Beer. Maltly, crisp and full bodied.

New England IPA

6,5% ABV - 45 IBU

Can't ignore the full on hop juice and thick, chewy mouthfeel this NEIPA delivers!

Winter Ale

5,3% ABV - 44 IBU

A full on yet very drinkable ale to settle in with on a cold and dreary day.

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